Bad and good news [2014-08-31]

Sad new came here. As you all can see server have big problem with connection in to the game. After entering login, password game just freeze, or selecting character - need to wait 2-3 minutes. That because we lost a lot of players. We tried hundreds of configurations game server to fix that issue, unfortunately without luck. With that issue we have nothing to do like wipe server, start everything from zero and take other server files or just shutdown project at all because we can not progress, grow with on-line players. But in same time who play with us almost 2 years got bored, and want to try something new.
What will be new on new Enemy-Mu project?
We working now on Season 1 files with a DarkLord and Castle siege. Server have nice look custom items, well balanced PvP system. Very fast game window load and etc. We announce new project start date: 2014-09-03 19:00 (GMT+02:00, Vilnius) Come on time and let to know about server open to your friends. Wait for upload new client, and news. Sincerely , Admin

screens from server: