Cloud services are basically the services which are provided by the cloud computing which could include the storage services as well as the processing services. These services are provided online and the organization who wants to have this service needs to pay a certain fee for this depending on the kind of the services they require. The cloud services are now an integral part of every organization because otherwise they will have to buy their own storage and processing resources. However, these are just the basic cloud services which are provided but in future there will be much more to this picture. Some of the trends on which the computer industry is currently working and some which has been developed are discussed below:

Providing a server less computing option:

The server less computing option is actually the essence of how the cloud services are currently working. However, this system also stores the data and the provide the processing through some server but for some organization or the enterprise who does not have his own server acquires these services from the cloud server and therefore, for these enterprise the system becomes server less and they are free from the trouble of managing and maintaining the server.

Hybrid cloud systems are gaining popularity:

There is no doubt that the public could services offers strong security and the data of the enterprise is safe there but still this security is less than the enterprise based systems. Although the latter systems are very difficult to maintain and offer complexity and are far more expensive as well but these are more secure than any of the public cloud service. However, in order to deal with this problem, the computer industry is working on the hybrid solutions which has both the qualities of the public cloud and organization-based as well.

There are solutions for every organization:

The Google cloud is one of the most famous cloud services of the all and it is very much appropriate for the organization who are working in the IT sector as there are multiple resources there who have the right knowledge and expertise to manage and maintain the cloud but for the companies who are not working in the IT sector and they need to hire the people especially out of their domain to look in to the cloud services and to manage these, Kubernetes is the better option as it provides the cloud services but is less complicated and is easy to manage and maintain. Since this is an open source solution this is why you can customize the system according to your own requirements.