Getting a new dog is an exciting event! You will have a new furry member in your house that will make your lives truly remarkable every day. If you are planning to bring a dog to your house, do take the following points into consideration before making the decision.

Your family

Ask yourself if your family is truly ready to welcome the new addition. A dog comes with its own set of problems so you really should be ready to deal with all of those when it comes! If you are going through major changes, like shifting houses or raising very young children, do consider putting the idea of getting a dog on hold at least for a few months. You will need a lot of energy to deal with the new addition and it certainly should be a rewarding exercise, not a cumbersome undertaking.


A dog will cost you quite a lot of money too because you will have to spend on high quality puppy food and medical expenses. All these additional costs will certainly put a strain on your family’s monthly budget. In addition to all of that, you will have to invest on dog beds, leashes and other general expenses that come along with the furry paws. Make sure you really are ready and can make the investment.


A dog will love you with every beat of its heart. You will see unconditional love in its soft brown eyes (blue eyes, if you are planning to get a Husky!) So you will also have to show it love and care throughout its life. It really is no easy task. If you think you cannot make the commitment, don’t get a dog. If you know you will not be able to give it the life that it well deserves to live, don’t be selfish and get a dog. You will have to wake up at unearthly hours in the night to take it out, you will often have to clean up messes inside the house, you will have to spend on fancy hypoallergenic cat food Australia and you will also most likely find socks and shoes missing when a dog is in the house. Make sure you can deal with all of this.

How to make your house safer

You will also have to ensure your house is pet-proofed well before you bring your little dog home. Go around the house and look for dangling wires of electrical equipment. You can make your garden areas dog friendly too. Install little fences around areas that you don’t want your dog to dig. Ensure there are no open spaces in the walls that your dog will be able to creep through. A dog can truly make your life incredible! Be sure you are ready to make its like life incredible in return too.