Yes you have seen the mesmerizing photos of gorgeous rooftops on Pinterest and wistfully ask yourself if you could also have some place like that for yourself in your own house. Your rooftop that bathes in the mellow light of the setting sun, which quietly whispers to the twinkling stars at night, is a place that can be transformed with just a few touches of creativity. Read on and find out a few simple tricks that will change the looks of your special place for the better.

Add lights
If you plan to spend the nights in the breeze up on your rooftop, you need to make sure you have proper lighting there. You don’t need bright glares, just a few simple string lights will even do. But it all depends on your personal preference. If you want the place to look more romantic, opt for fairy lights and small garden lamps. If a more bright and cheery look is what you prefer you can choose stronger lights.

Add some greenery
DIY fake grass is a great alternative to real grass which you can consider having on your rooftop. Needless to say maintaining a garden up there can be a bit of a challenge so opt for the synthetic versions. You will have very little problems to worry about that way as the area will look fresh and green every day. You can also have some colorful plant pots and grow some easy-to-maintain plants if you wish. If you are living in a country like Australia you will be able to find garden maintainers and suppliers quite easily. are quite affordable too.

Add some garden furniture
You have to have a place to sit and enjoy watching the marvelous appeal of your handiwork! So get a few good and sturdy pieces of outdoor furniture that are easy to keep clean. You can even build your own furniture if you are good at DIY projects. Outdoor furniture can make your rooftop look truly beautiful if arranged in the proper way. You can always obtain the assistance of a decorator and interior designer if you want this space to look extra special.

Make it cozy
After you have redecorated your rooftop you can start adding special touches to it to make this space reflect your own unique personality. If you are the type of person who enjoys outdoor parties, make provisions there to have barbeques. If you like to just sit and read while the sun rises, you can add some shade and a cozy chair in a corner. If you have little children who would love to play around in the space, place some swings and maybe even a sand box in a corner. Just do what you desire and make it your own happy place!Here’s hoping you enjoy ceaseless hours of outdoor fun!artificial-grass